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Comic for: November 24th, 2004
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World of Warcraft: "Priceless"
Posted: Wednesday November 24th, 2004 by

Now, I didn't really giggle like a school girl and threaten to hug the delivery guy, but I was pretty excited to get the game on the day of release... being that I screwed around and didn't pre-order it until the 20th.

I immediately logged into the game and got to work.

Now, I've done this beginning level content atleast four time before during various phases of Alpha and Beta. So, I tore through it pretty quick trying to accumulate the 10s needed to purchase the Guild Charter for Bloody Plunder. Between cash gathering, and finding GU folk to sign the charter, I ran Grek pretty ragged. And, I've got to do it all over again to get the Alliance side guild going. Thank goodness I enjoy the game huh?

Suprisingly enough though, I only played for a few hours. I figured I'd relax, catch some TV and get the comic done early. Well the first two steps went smoothly enough. But around 1:30 , about 5 minutes from completing the comic... something went wrong and I lost all the work. Some weird keystroke pattern shut down what I was working on. I saw a window pop up briefy but it didn't stay put long enough for me to read it. Long story short, I had to start from scratch. Luckily, I think it came out a touch nicer anyway.

So, I'm going to sleep now.

If you're interested in joining Bloody Plunder (Horde), or the Stumpcutter Brigade (Alliance), on Doomhammer (Mountain Time Zone) send me an email with the time you'll be on, and I'll make sure to try to get in and add you.

Or send a /whisper to Grektholar (Horde) or Noemus (Alliance) in game.

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