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Comic for: November 22nd, 2004
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Metal Gear Solid 3: "Snake Bakes Brownies"
Posted: Monday November 22nd, 2004 by

Before Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater even hit retail shelves, Konami Computer Entertainment Japan president Motoyuki Yoshioka, was already chatting up Metal Gear Solid 4. ~ GameSpot - [ more info ]

Now, when reading that initially, I shook my head. How could they justify talking about their next game, before the current game was even for sale. But, I realize that's the nature of the gaming beast these days. They rope us early and hype us until we can't take it any more. The result is a throng of drooling gamers chomping at the bit to get at the next game in the series.

Considering the advent of internet pre-orders, or worse yet store bought "pre-order boxes", gaming companies know before their game even goes gold whether it's going to be successful or not.

But, we're quickly approaching what can best be described as "series saturation". That is to say, that at some point the idea well has run dry and they're just throwing content at us because they know we'll buy it. It's a "my favorite band" mentallity. Even after you've stopped listening to your "favorite band" (because they no longer produce music that sounds like the tunes you fell in love with) you continue to buy their albums in the hopes that they'll return to their roots, or at the very least... not suck. But, you've become so used to buying their CDs that it's just become "gotta have it" habit. No point breaking your "I have all their albums" streak right?

Now, I don't think the Metal Gear series has reached this level yet. And, I don't want to mention games I feel have, because someone will invariably start screaming at me for decrying their "favorite game". But, I do think they can only take it so far before they have Snake doing something completely trivial, just for the sake of putting another title out there.

And quite frankly... who wouldn't want to buy Metal Gear Solid 4: Snake Bakes Brownies?

Mmmm... brownies.

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