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Comic for: November 12th, 2004
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Woody & Ted: "For the Ladies"
Posted: Friday November 12th, 2004 by

After Wednesday's and Thursday's comics, how could I NOT do this one?

I know I'm not usually one for continuity. But, this was just an irresistable concept: Ted out there showing off his body to try to garner attention for GU. Of course, only people who already read GU would get it, so it's a completely pointless and irrelevant comic. But, again, I just couldn't resist. **grins**

On a somewhat related note, I received an email telling me that I should do comics Ted's love life, and mine. And where this person is right, I probably could get some mileage out of it as far as good comics go. I just think it's a slippery slope that I don't necessarily want to slide down.

For me, because I'm a real person with a real girlfriend, it would be hard for me not to make the corresponding female character LOOK like my girlfriend. And at some point in the comic, I'd properly accidentally share some mannerisms or a snippet of a conversation... that I'd likely live to regret.

And Ted, well... that's even more tough. Ted is that guy you knew in high school that, despite not being the coolest, cutest person in the school, his charisma would oftem make him THE person to hang around with, everyone knew him, and the ladies though he walked on water. BUT, Ted is a game fiend. As he is represented in the comic, he rarely leaves the house. If he had a significant other... she'd most likely be someone he met in game, and may well have never even seen her in a real world setting.

I just thought it was an interesting bit of info to share with your guys.

Now, ladies, back to your ogling.
**rolls his eyes***

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