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Comic for: November 4th, 2004
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Ultima Online: SE: "Stick Figure Ninjas"
Posted: Thursday November 4th, 2004 by

I'd like to admit up front that I have never played Ultima Online. So, I'm guessing that there is something in the gameplay that makes it worth playing?

I'd also like to admit that I am a graphics snob. And when I saw the graphics for Samurai Empire, and then susequently the graphics for Ultima Online, I knew it wouldn't be up my alley.

So, I figured who better to lay out the word than some of the characters themselves.

Seriously, is it just me, or do these look like 8 bit throwback graphics to the Nintendo? Maybe that's a little too harsh, and I apologize to the UO fans sincerely for my bias.

So, since EA/UO has just shipped this new expansion, here's your chance, UO fans, to tell me how wrong I am and how cool the game is. Remember I'm a MMOG supporter first and foremost. So, I emplore you, convince us that this isn't the ugly stepchild of the modern MMO.

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