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Comic for: November 1st, 2004
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Woody & Ted: "What Costume?"
Posted: Monday November 1st, 2004 by

So, today's comic is what could potentially happen in a house with Ted in it.

The idea came to me while I was eating halloween candy that wasn't distributed because it started snowing and trick-or-treaters all but disappeared.

It started quite simply as "Okay Ted you can take the costume off now" and Ted saying "what costume". The implication being that whatever he was wearing was not something he considered to be halloween specific. But, it occured to me, what could I possibly have Ted wearing that would provide any kind of shock value after all the things I've had Ted say, and do?

The mental image of Ted in a tiara and tutu came to me in a flash.

Maybe it was the mass amounts of sugar, chocolate, etc, but I had a very minor giggle fit. Somehow it all just seemed so fitting.

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