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Comic for: October 14th, 2004
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Woody & Ted: "Reparations"
Posted: Thursday October 14th, 2004 by

Admittedly, Today's Comic can not possibly happen in my apartment.

1. The TV sits far enough off the floor and there is nothing to "perch on" in front of it.
2. ED-209 is not that big yet.
3. Fable is on the X-Box.. Teds controller is a PS2s
4. Ted doesn't exist.

Now, typically, I wouldn't do comics back to back using the same characters. But, while I was watching "The Day After Tomorrow", sprawled out on the couch, ED managed to grab my attention more than once. She's also walked across my keyboard several times while I was trying to work. Those two situations reminded me of the talent cats seem to have for getting in your way, and parking themselves there until you force them to move.

Well, in thinking about WHY they might do this, I decided they probably had some kind of monetary demands that we are unaware of, and they are waiting for us to submit payment. That's just a guess though.


This was GU's 800th comic. That might be cause to celebrate. Or, more likely, cause to be afraid.

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