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Comic for: September 22nd, 2004
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EverQuest: "Me? Bitter?"
Posted: Wednesday September 22nd, 2004 by

So, I got a FedEx box from Sony today; inside was a copy of Omens of War. It seems this was another perk for having been invited to the Guild Summit.

Well, curious to test out the Task System, I installed the expansion. The first one had me going into Old Seb. So, I ignored it and got another. The next one sent me off to talk to some iksar in the Overthere. Well, Mr. Iksar told me I needed to go kill 10 "mature wurms".

"Yeah," I thought. "Right."

Luckily, one of my guild mates was with me. Since it was supposed to be soloable, I figured it'd be cake with the two of us. Vhah is equipped pretty well, and Pogart is a 66 Wizard. Well, I ran over to Skyfire and there happened to be one up. So, I told Pogs I wanted to try soloing it with no help, just to see.

Now, I'm not sure if Pogs helped me with the actual wurm or not. (I think he did.) But, I had my hands full. The wurm was eating my breakfast. I used every Combat Ability at my disposal including my beloved "Mighty Strike". The wurm did finally die, but again, I don't know if I soloed it or if Pogs helped.

Even if he didn't help with the wurm though, he helped in other ways. He handled the chromatic faerie dragon bastards and the floating sperm with teeth that aggroed, while I was busy digging wurm teeth out of said "sexy tattooed ass".

Well, we were out there for a while, and another guildie joined us. Thanks Drood. But, I didn't see another "mature wurm" before we all broke ranks and everyone logged. So, for the hour or so I was on, I gained about 30 plat, 1 wurm kill, and no measurable experience.

Needless to say, I wasn't overly impressed with the task system my first time out. A task that is likely EASILY soloable for some other classes (see necro in the comic) is just not something my 61 Warrior can realisticly handle.

On a positive note though, I see tremendous potential in this system. If SOE can just balance out the tasks against what some classes really CAN solo, it'll be an awesome way for me to get experience in the little bits of time I can actually find time to play. And ultimately, having grouped with my guild mates,even though I only killed 1 of 10, it was some kind still progress. I'm eager to play Vhah some more. This is pretty much the first eagerness I've felt for EQ in about 10 months. And this is only an hour of play at a level where the tasks were obviously rushed.

When SOE pushes out some more thought out and solid tasks for we 60+s, I expect it's going to get much much better. And, I'd like to just point out that, despite the fact it was marked as a solo kinda system, it still promoted/facilitated my having grouped with guildies.

Alrighty, I'll walk away from this terrible writeup (it's almost 5am forgive me) and let those who want to, droll over a half naked Vhah. And, the others of you can laugh at his misfortunes. See you tomorroooo... snerkkk... ZZzzzzzzzzzz

[ Editted to knock some of the sleep deprived edge off of it. ]

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