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Comic for: September 16th, 2004
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The Sims 2: "Sim Ho"
Posted: Thursday September 16th, 2004 by

So, my girlfriend brought home a copy of Sims2 today. And giggled and clapped and squeled for several hours on end.

At one point I went back to check on the reasons for all the racket. Sims she'd gotten a money tree. When I asked how, she explained the "romance aspiration" to me and told me about the uh... "process" by which she received it. **rolls his eyes**

My response was pretty much what you see in today's comic Hip Hop cooloquialisms aside.

I pressed her for more information on what makes this version different from the first. Because, the more I watched, the more it seemed exactly the same to me. I'm the first to admit thought that I only played the first one for about 15 minutes before I was so annoyed with the micromanagement that I uninstalled the game from my computer. So, honestly, I don't have enough information for accurate comparison.

I expect I will learn plenty enough over the next few days while the addiction takes hold of her in full. I'm certain I will hear stories about these SIMS as if they lived in the aprtment next to us. Pshhh... atleast they won't be banging around at 4am, blasting music loud enough to vibrate our floors, and leaving cigarette butts laying all over the front walk to our building.

Anywho... I'll leave you guys to talk about the game and your Sims and stuff. Feel free to let us know about the most interesting things that have happened so far. I'm sure the other readers will enjoy that.


The gear in today's comic are the Mushroom Hat, the Women's Mushroom Hoody, and the "geek." baby tee.

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