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Comic for: September 10th, 2004
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Shadowbane: "Evil Bloodsuckers"
Posted: Friday September 10th, 2004 by

I caught a news blip over at MMORPG.Com about Shadowbane's upcoming expansion "Throne of Oblivion".

In reading the news item I saw that they're adding Vampires as a new playable race, and the joke hit me without warning. Just "zap" there it was completely formulated. So I grabbed my template, penciled out the border lines of the comic, and jotted down the idea before it left my head. <-- happens a lot.

And there you have it. So now, I'll go back to patiently waiting on the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Demo to finish downloading.

Actually that's slightly innacurate. I downloaded it earlier today, but for some odd reason the setup would stop "responding" while configuring the Windows Installer. **shrugs** So, I deleted it and found another source. Then, at 90% or so I accidentally closed down the Torrent and must have chose the wrong one to resume from. So, it errored out on me again. **sighs**

WH40K:DoW - 2
Woody - 0

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