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Comic for: September 8th, 2004
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Star Trek Online: "It's worse than that..."
Posted: Wednesday September 8th, 2004 by

This is another topic I've gotten entirely too many emails about. Again, Erling was first to mail me about it, and atleast he included a joke idea rather than just sending a link to the info.

I read all manner of gaming news sites... I don't NEED the link. By the time someone has emailed me about it, I've usually seen it myself in atleast 2 or 3 different places.

So, today's joke is some jumbled mix of inputs, from the Star Trek genre, gaming standards, and a snippet from a song called Star Trekkin'.

At any rate, Erling has been a good fan for me these last few days, while I've been tremendously busy, by submitting comic ideas I can use. Of course there's stuff he's done to slow me down too... but hey what's new?
So yeah, thanks again Erling!


With that, I'll thank all of you in advance for the emails you'll probably send me about Earth & Beyond's final weeks, Atari's new console info, and Infinium being broke.

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