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Comic for: September 2nd, 2004
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The Matrix Online: "Roaming?"
Posted: Thursday September 2nd, 2004 by

I was wandering around the game world today looking for something to make a comic out of, and nothing really interested me. Now, the WoW stress test starts today, but unless I miss my guess... most everyone is going to be downloading the game all day and not really get to STRESS TEST anything.

Then I ran across a report from the Penny Arcade Expo (careful, that's an IGN link) about the Matrix Online. So while I was reading my brain started traveling several tangents and before I knew it the joke just kinda jumped out at me.

We've seen them use cellphones in the movie. So, I figured: surely inside the Matrix everyone suffers the same problems with cell phones that we currently deal with, right? And it just struck me as funny that one of the 'redpills' would be able to bring up an operator no problem, but might get hit with roaming charges for calling from outside the coverage network.

Hmm, I guess I over thought that one huh?

Note: MxO has it's own beta running right now-

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