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Comic for: August 23rd, 2004
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The Sims 2: "The Sames"
Posted: Monday August 23rd, 2004 by

Let me start off by saying Lucy Bradshaw does NOT talk like a valley girl. She is very well spoken.

Unfortunately the subject she was speaking on kind of robs any intellectual merit from her commentary. Lots of people enjoy the Sims and there's nothing wrong with that. But, with the release date of the Sims 2 looming, I can't really find a lot of information that really sets the game apart from it predecessor.

The key difference, as far as I can tell, is the ability to fulfill your Sims aspirations. Now, this is weird, because, that's pretty much what you had to do in the first one right? I mean, you got a job, you read books to learn new skills, you got a better job met a soulmate, built a bigger house. Hell, later expansion even let you run your own business right? One that wasn't just a "you disapear from you house for a few virtual hours every day" kind of thing. That is meeting your Sims aspirations right?

I don't want to get down on this game, it just seems odd to me to spend so much time micro-managing someone elses life, living vicariously through a pixelated success story.

Another difference is the additional of more specific and varying controls over the camera. Hell, they're even hyping the special edition DVD release of the game that has hours of tips and information on filmography for your Sims. It's all very scary.

And, if you're wondering where I got this from, and why the bleeding hell I did a joke about the Sims 2... I blame it on Gamespot. There's an exclusive movie there featuring Lucy Bradshaw talking about Sims 2.

I blame the lack of funny on the lack of material elsewhere and my never ending need to get work done while silmultaneously trying to find the time to sleep.

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