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Comic for: July 22nd, 2004
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Star Wars: Galaxies: "Sarcasm"
Posted: Thursday July 22nd, 2004 by

The SW:G site posted links to the beta signup for "Jump to Lightspeed" on the 17th. And, I figured I'd be remiss if I didn't say SOMETHING smartassed.

So, today's comic is pretty much how I felt when news was released about the space expansion in the first place. Hell, I've probably said as much before. I just felt the need to get it out there in comic form.

Honestly, from what I've seen so far, it looks like they just wrapped a Star Wars based Space Fighter Sim around a completely different game (SW:G). It just seems a little, I don't know, counterintuitive. Unless I'm missing something in the fine print, and there are going to be entire guilds hopping aboard a Star Destroyer to go annihilate some rebel scum. I mean, if the game is going to be realistic enough that people can set up their own bars and have to get other players to be the entertainment, etc... they ARE going to let huge groups of people gather together to man the "big guns" instead of just sending everyone out in 1 man tie fighters... right?

Anywho, if sarcasm leads to the Dark Side... I'm SOOO Darth Woody.

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