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Comic for: July 6th, 2004
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Shadowbane: "Going with the Pants"
Posted: Tuesday July 6th, 2004 by

My relationship with Shadowbane has been, well, turbulent at best. But, today's comic was developed on the heals of finding a rather unique eBay auction.

My initial target for the comic was Knight Online. But, they have no pricing schedule. So... that didn't really work in the context of the joke. Or maybe it does. KO being free would work against the cost of the pants in a more dramatic fashion. But, hey... could I really pass up an opportunity to pick at Shadowbane? Nah!

The two girls, no I haven't named them yet, are, again, wearing Split Reason gear.
"Mushroom" Women's Hoody, "Threesome" baby tee, and the "Mushroom" Hat

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