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Comic for: June 17th, 2004
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Horizons: "EMERs III"
Posted: Thursday June 17th, 2004 by

When B_Delacroix posted the link to the Artifact Entertainment layoffs, I went and read.
Because... well... that's my job.

So, Today's comic is pretty much my response to David Bowman's* "official notice".

As I read his post the feeling of dirty, salesman-speak washed over me. It was like I'd just bought something from the Home Shopping Network. I knew the truth was buried somewhere behind the downsizing vernacular. And, it physically nauseates me when some corporate type refers to the laying off of people as "streamline"-ing. That's not "streamline"-ing... it's freakin firing people. You know, taking away their money source. El end-o el job-o.

So, I agree with B, looks like the Evil Money-Eating Robots have found their new home.

I wish there were something, anything, I could do with this little comic of mine. But, in today's saturated MMOG market, a mediocre game just does not have the financial legs to meet the ROI needs of investors who've waited a long time to see the game released, and were probably promised an huge earning potential based on the success of other games within the genre. And, when a game doesn't have financial legs that means the employees will invariably suffer "streamline"-ing and "restructure"-ing.

Oh, and when you're informed that a company is going to be laying off people, and then subsequently told that it will not affect customer service, you're being lied to. In my experience, the first people who get the proverbial axe are the tech support and customer service folk. Although I guess it might actually be TRUE in this case... you know... given Horizon's customer service track record.


Geez, what is it with me and problems with gaming company presidents this year?

* Please note: David Bowman is the president of Artifact Entertainment, makers of Horizons.

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