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Comic for: June 14th, 2004
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Dark Age of Camelot: "EMERs II"
Posted: Monday June 14th, 2004 by

So, I got emails from both Sanya Thomas and Walter Yarburough regarding Thursday's strip. They both had very funny rebuttal ideas, so I knew I had to produce aleast one of them for Today.

The idea is that Sanya and the game busted up the robots, smooshed them into a box and sent them back to SOE. **grins**

Me being me... I couldn't just leave the box alone and had to add in the robots' commentary.

Special notes:
I'm not sure what an electronic spleen looks like...
And the comment from the purple robot is based on quotes from one of my favorite tv/motorcycle gurus, Jesse James. On Monster Garage, on the Discovery Channel, he's fond of saying "All that's left is everything" and "there's a hole where everything was". So... consider this my homage or something.
And AbsorBot, despite the dismantling, will never admit it's a nerf.

Beyond all that, the site redesign is done, it's just not implemented. Only the first page has seen the change so far. And, as the week progresses, the rest of the site should come around.

Also new to the site is the Tower ad. As GU grows and develops it's advertising rate card, the tower ad has just become a necessity for attracting advertisers to the site. Rest assured I have no attention of allowing blinking flashing crazy freakin' ads. That's just NOT my style. And if an advertiser insists on using an animated banner, they'll pay out the nose for it. **shrugs and grins** I'm stubborn that way.

So yeah, my first tower advertiser is my pals over at Split Reason. I've been sneaking their shirts into Woody/Ted strips for about a month now. I really like most of the stuff over there and encourage you to pay a visit. Or, more specifically, click the banner ad and go buy stuff. **grins** It's worth the visit I promise.

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