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Comic for: June 9th, 2004
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City of Heroes: "Learning to Fly"
Posted: Wednesday June 9th, 2004 by

Today's Comic was submitted by Kittenpurr, though I'll admit I changed it a bit.

What she told me was that shortly after receiving the power of flight many of her friends and guildies has barreled head-long into the huge windows on the trams. I, of course, had to roll with it a bit further and smash into the side of an office building. Hey... we can't all be winners on our first day can we?

The implication in the comic is that poor Frank has already had to squeegee more than his fair share of Super Heroes off the tower windows.

It makes me think of that song by the Bare Naked Ladies about the window cleaner. I think I'll call him Frank.

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