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Comic for: June 7th, 2004
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EverQuest: "My Freakin Wallet!"
Posted: Monday June 7th, 2004 by

Today's comic is the last installment of the Smedley/Wallet series. I figured this above all else was the perfect end.

Smed is actually a really good sport. He's a nice guy with a sense of humor. And, unfortunately, that's a fact that has been clouded from the perspective of our community for a long time. He doesn't post to the forums because he becomes an immediate target. The quote about us not knowing what we want... he never said. It was Kelly Flock.

And it's exactly that kind of miscommunication, and lack of communication, that has brought EQ to the point it's currently at.

But now, on the heels of the Guild Summit, we find ourselves in a new exciting time. The lines of communication have been restored. The single biggest issue for me, going to the Guild Summit, was that the Devs would finally be heard.

See the Devs want to fix the game, and change some stuff, and stir the EQ pot as much as we do. But, they didn't feel like they could really approach the higher ups with their ideas (ie. our ideas) for change.

With the ultimate failure of GoD, the whispering sigh of OoW pre-orders, and a community that rose up as one voice to cry out our needs... we stirred the larger pot. We demanded to be heard, and we have been. The Designers, developer, execs and everyone are communicating openly about the game. And that's only the beginning. The Guild Summit is a preamble of things to come.

From now on, the community leaders have open lines of communication with the SOE staff to effect change within the game to our collective benefit. SOE now realizes above all things that they can not sell us a product that we're not interested in. Now they know we have a voice, and they have begun the change to allow us to freely speak out. And in speaking out, we scrub off the rust, to return the luster and shine of the game we once loved: EverQuest.

So now is not the time to be silent. Now is the time to talk to your community leaders. Let them know what you want from the game so that it can be passed on to SOE who is now positioning themselve to embrace our requests.

Now, I don't say this half-heartedly. I'm not saying it because I was invited out. I'm saying it... because I saw it. I saw it in the faces and enthusiasm of everyone at SOE, from the designers to the marketting staff, from the artists to the execs, from the developers to the CS staff. That shine is there. This unquestionable glow of progression in a positive direction.

In other words, the feeling of change was almost tangible.
Atleast from my perspective.

Edit: forgot to link today's comic.

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