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Comic for: May 12th, 2004
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Guild Wars: "I'm A Twin"
Posted: Wednesday May 12th, 2004 by

Like so many others, I downloaded the Guild Wars Client yesterday.

I played for a good few hours, and I really dig the graphics. But one of my main problem is the absolute LACK of options in the appearance category. Now, I figured this would be a problem before I really got into the game. But the first time I crossed over into a non-solo zone, the reality hit me like a ton of bricks. It just looked like a herd of cookie cutter characters all massed together. There were atleast 6 me's... the only difference being height, and that's only because I forgot to scale up the body size of my warrior/monk like the rest of them.

I can only hope that more options are added in before release. Hey, maybe that's they plan to make some of their money. Hey, there's no monthly fee, but you have to PAY to look original!

As far as gameplay is concerned, my overall impression is very much like others on the boards here have already said: Diablo 3D. Like I said earlier the graphics really are great, and they stand up to scrutiny when the camera is back off the character, or zoomed in tight. And, that's cool. But, everything started to feel rather repetitive pretty darn quick.

The animations are good, but there's just not enough diversity. If you're going to spend all of you play time LOOKING at your character, the fighting really does need more variation.

The ambient sound in the game is good, but there's no background music to speak of. So the game is a little audibly bland right now. Again, I'm sure that will change before release.

I haven't played enough to make an informative post regarding the skills system. And the level is restricted to 15 right now, so I'm not certain on leveling either. So, we'll save discussion on that for later. Hell, it's a free game... I'll atleast be able to afford to play it.

So yeah, the joke was just a take on the first thing that popped into my head when I zoned in to find a bunch of guys that looked just like me standing around.

Don't take my word on ANY of this though. The client is free for download.
So, play the game and make your own decisions.

You can hit the main site here:

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