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Comic for: April 1st, 2004
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EverQuest: "Things Woody Says I"
Posted: Thursday April 1st, 2004 by

I'm not really a fan of April 1st as the "holiday" April Fools Day. I think it's an stupid excuse to bow to juvenile whims we'd be better without. Oh hooray... not says I'm enjoying my life like telling someone something that's completely false, waiting for their reactions, and then dumbly proclaiming "April Fools"... like some kind of limp-brained chucklehead. So, unlike some other comics, I won't be making an April Fool's strip.


Anywho, about the comic. I know I said I'm not usually the kind of person that talks to the computer as if other players, NPCs, inanimate objects, etc can hear me; but, I think that may be false. Maybe WoW just brings it out of me. So, I decided I would start letting you guys in on the stuff I say while I'm playing the game. Hopefully, you'll find me stupidly amusing.

So, I was playing the other day, and I needed to kill a certain number of a specific KIND of mob in order to complete a quest. And, a group of jackasses were running back and forth killing everything in sight with no care at all for other people that needed to complete the same quest. Frustrated with their mob hogging I blurted out...
"Bah! You rat bastards! I hope you all get ass rot!"

Thus... today's comic.

Sure, it was WoW I was playing, but I hadn't drawn Vhah in a while, and ass rot just sums up the feelings we all have towards KSers in ANY game. So, yeah. I drew Vhah.


In other news, the March Donation image turned out Faboo. I'm really quite happy with it. I hope those of you that donated enjoy it as well.

It should also be known, that because of recent forum topics and the demands of a very close (female) friend, April's contributor image will be of a female... and the theme is "Sex Sells". Hey! If SOE, Lineage, etc can do it... so can I right?

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