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Comic for: March 25th, 2004
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World of Warcraft: "Need More Rage"
Posted: Thursday March 25th, 2004 by

True to it's roots (rts), WoW prompts your mistakes with audible commentary. Now, I'm sure it's in there to keep us informed, immediately, of the situation. But, I swear some times that voice is just there to taunt me.

The things I hear the most are "not close enough" and "need more rage". As a warrior most of my abilities are dependant on the amount of "rage" I have accumulated. The longer the fight lasts, without using an ability, the more often I am hit, etc, the more rage I build up. This rage is "spent" to effect certain attacks, like a particularly nasty slash, hamstringing the target, cutting them so they bleed over time, etc.

When I try to use an ability that I do not have enough rage to use, the voice speaks up to let me know exactly what the problem is.

I can also "Charge" a target. At my level, it zips me over a short area to be right on the mob, stuns them for a few seconds, and tacks a bit of rage onto my bar. It's often difficult, for me atleast, to figure out how close I need to be to Charge. So, more often than not, the voice tells me, usually more than once, that I am "NOT close enough" to my target.

So, over the last few weeks, I have found myself conversing with the screen. Every time the voice cues me, I add my own cynical response to the equation. Uhmm... very much like today's comic as a matter of fact.

Now, in the game, I believe the voice is SUPPOSED to be me. So if I'm saying that in the game AND am responding out of the game... then technically, I'm talking to myself. Right? And that's where the comic extends from.


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