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Comic for: March 11th, 2004
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Lejendary Adventure: "Save vs. Failure"
Posted: Thursday March 11th, 2004 by

For those of you that do not know, Gary Gygax is the man most responsible for D&D. And thus, largely responsible for the fantasy gaming genre.

Another thing you may not know is that Mr. Gygax has his named stamped on an MMORPG project that's seen more ups and downs that Ron Jeremy... errr... so to speak.

At the moment, the project is on. It's called Lejendary Adventure. Yes, Lejendary with a "j" not a "g".

I'll be watching this out of some degree of loyalty to the ideology of Gary. But, my estimations of the games chances are "slim to none". With as many problems as it's seen just in trying to get developed, getting completed, on the shelves, and actually contending with the current MMOG push, seems to me to be a hurdle they are unlikely to overcome. And that's the CURRENT MMOG's. When you factor in the 2nd generation games that will soon be chewing through the resources on our computer... LA's chances look painfully bleak.

Regardless of the outcome... here's to Gary Gygax!

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