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Comic for: February 2nd, 2004
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EverQuest: "The Best Warrior"
Posted: Monday February 2nd, 2004 by

I was really looking forward to further melee changes. And it seems that "openings" are not going to be employed in future melee changes.

Quite frankly, I'm not happy with the state of the changes at all. The very minor change in my ability to hold aggro was nice, and I love Mighty Strike, but it simply isn't enough. It's costs too much endurance. And doesn't refresh quick enough.

And that's the way of all warrior changes. Oh look... they put our disciplines on the our endurance bar. So, disciplines that used to be free, now eat up endurance.

Basically, the last few weeks, I feel like I'm right back to where I was... clicking 4 buttons over and over again.

Sure it DOES take a skilled player to be a good tank. And, I've gotten my fair share of kudos. But, I want more depth to my class. I want more value and "skill required" actions. I want to NEED to think and pay attention. I want to hold aggro even if the Paladin IS taunting. And, I want to receive some abilites that are WORTH losing Endurance over.

Sorry to dump. It's just that someone this week told me I was the best tank they'd ever seen... and all I could think of was that I hit the same 4 buttons over and over and over again.

There IS more to it than that. But, you get the idea.

So the continuous motion bird... is supposed to be commentary on my class. **whistles**

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