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Comic for: December 31st, 2003
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EverQuest: "Skin Like Butter"
Posted: Wednesday December 31st, 2003 by

I was fighting with a group in a Mistmoore LDoN Adventure, and our cleric reminded us a couple of times that she had "Skin Like Butter". Every time she said it, I laughed.

For those non-EQ'ers out there... there is a Line of Spells, for Druids and Rangers) that can be cast on a player to serve as a protection: Skin like Wood, Skin like Steel, Skin like Rock, Skin like Nature and Skin like Diamond. So the implication of Skin like Butter is that she's not very protected at all. Imagine if you will... a knife through butter. And there you have it, the essence of the joke.

Now, a bit more indepth, it was a VERY good group. So good, infact, that we were attempting, and proving successful, a "Hard" LDoN mission.

One bad pull put us behind the gun, and we fell behind. On a Hard mission... you can NOT fall behind. So we lost, very near our goal. We did attempt to get the lesser reward however, but we encountered the cleric vampire wenches that complete heal. Because we didn't have a high impast caster in the group, we could never stop her from CH'ing. So... we had to bow out.

If we had done a "regular" mission... it would have been over in no time flat. I can say this much though... "hard" missions are really good experience. **grins**

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