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Comic for: December 15th, 2003
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EverQuest: "Initiation"
Posted: Monday December 15th, 2003 by

Today's strip is the least of what Mr. Crosby can expect out of the EQ community now that he's been promoted to EQ Community Manager.

Now, when I first met Alan (Crosby), he was GM Brenlo. So, he's tasted the sting of how misguided the players can be when they start laying blame on SOE employees for things relating to EQ.

Not too very long after that first meeting he was promoted to be incharge of Customer Service. Sure, there might have been steps in between, but I'm talking actual meetings (Fan Faires). Now, moving from GM to Head of Customer Service, in my opinion, is like becoming the lead husky on a sled dog team. You're still doing the crap work for little return but atleast you not looking at someone elses ... er... well... you get the point.

But, now? Now, he's put on his big boy pants. He stepped into the single most unforgiving role in EQ. He's Mr. Big Cheese in Charge of Taking the Entire Community's Crap. Community Manager guy.

You see for some odd reason, in this community, everything that goes wrong somehow gets heaped onto the Community Manager's shoulders as if he'd done it himself.

So now that I've initiated Alan (by fire **grins**), let me say on his behalf...

He is our go between. When one of the MANY teams responsible for developing EQ has done something that's not working to the overall benefit of the game, Alan didn't do it. He's just the guy that lets us know what happened and how SOE tends to address it.

This does also mean, however, that when we have problems, we need to /feedback and/or take our problems to Alan (Brenlo). He's the guy that's going to explain OUR side to the devs.

I hope that makes sense, because I said it enough on Absor's behalf and no one seemed to hear it.

Now, as far as the Bard comment in today's comic goes: It seems that one of the first things Brenlo had to do, as the new Community Guy, was explain to the bards how some of their schtuff needed to be changed. Some was good, some was bad, and yeah, there was even a bit of a nerf involved. But, to his credit, he layed it out there straight and clear with no double talk and no SOE-isms.

So, if you'd like to take a moment to welcome Brenlo to his new position, or the GU Community specifically, go right ahead. That's what this post is hear for.

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