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Comic for: September 27th, 2000
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EverQuest: "MOK Thread II"
Posted: Wednesday September 27th, 2000 by Woody

Back in the olden times of the way way back, the official Everquest forums went by a variety of nicknames; whineplay, flameplay, and the flame vaults to name a few. The names were fitting in so much as this is where the community came to vent its frustrations with the game. So when Verant nerfed a particularly powerful druid debuff, the Mark of Karn, the official forums went nuts. In response Verant started locking and deleting MOK threads. Killing threads like this, including the ones that were well written and exposed legitimate issues, was common practice. And was an exceptionally bad look.

The horrible community management is part of what drive Everquest players into their own little strongholds. The players no longer needed the official outlets, they had their own community safe havens. No other game I've ever played has had the kind of community that Everquest have. Sometimes... I actually miss it.

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