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Comic for: March 17th, 2008
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Woody & Ted: "The Great Outside"
Posted: Monday March 17th, 2008 by

Early last week ED bolted from the house. And where she usually only explores the deck or the immediate vicinity of the door, this time she decided to head out a bit farther. When it was time to come in she was no where to be found.

We kept watch for the rest of the day, checking the door to see if she was ready to come back in, but as bed time rolled around she was nowhere to be found. After that the crud hit the house in full. Neither Taks nor I had the energy to go on an earnest search or stomp around the neighborhood hanging flyers (HOA probably would have ripped them down and fined us anyway). So Taks made a donation to a company that sends the report of a missing animal to every shelter within 100 miles of your house. And I did my best to venture out as far as I could rattling her food bowl in the hopes of bringing her to me.

My next door neighbor used to be on the homeowner's committee that reports to the HOA, so yesterday I caught him outside and asked what the HOA's policy was on missing animal posters. He mentioned that he'd seen a black cat with bright yellow eyes as recently as the day before. So, feeling a good deal better, I set back out to find her again starting with his deck (which he gave me permission to search). Not 15 minutes later I found her. She was three houses down but would not come to me. Luckily Taks came out just then and was able to walk over and pick her up.

So ED's big, five day adventure came to a close with her wolfing down a bowl of food, and sleeping on anything and everything that was warm. She's been in the windows, but she hasn't gone back to the door.

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