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Comic for: January 7th, 2019
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Dungeons & Dragons: "Follow Your Feet"
Posted: Monday January 7th, 2019 by Woody

Our Sunday D&D group is currently toiling through the Underdark in the Out of the Abyss campaign setting. We were hot on the trail of items we need to reverse a demon incursion when we ran headlong into a Beholder and his wizard lackey.

I play a halfling rogue with a weakness I call "Follows his feet". This means when something crazy pops into my head, I tend to do it. In this particular case, the Beholder was floating 20' above us. I decided I was going to hop on this things head and stab until the ride was done. At a little over 3' tall, I had to find a way to get close enough to actually make the jump.

I proceeded to run up the body of the wizard lackey, make the jump, and "climb" on the larger enemy. I made the two Very Hard Acrobatics rolls, then beat out the Beholder's Acrobatics to grab on. Unfortunately, the Beholder had Lair and Legendary actions at his disposal and managed to Paralyze me immediately. Now, if I were the DM, after making those checks and winning a face off, I would have given me Advantage on that Skill Check. But... I may be biased.

The Beholder went on to rip us to shreds. I couldn't get back up to him; so, I laid waste to the Wizard instead. The Beholder then pushed me off the bridge we were forced to fight on. I plummeted 500'; tied a makeshift grappling hook as I fell; and managed to saved myself from all but the last 100'. 17 whole hit points left and stuck 500' below everyone else, the fight for me was done. I'd never get back in time.

The DM had to pull a deus ex machina to keep from TPK-ing us. And still the only part I was upset about was not getting to ride around on that thing's head.

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