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Comic for: February 24th, 2014
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World of Warcraft: "Isle of Giants"
Posted: Monday February 24th, 2014 by

I got it in my head that I wanted to do the Celestial Tournament, which means having a boatload of powerful, rare, level capped battle pets ready to go. Once you're in the instance you can't leave or you start from scratch. You can't heal any of your pets between battles. It's fierce. So I went on a hunt for pets I didn't have. Pets with some oomph. After doing some reading, I realized I needed to get my hands the entire group of Zandalari pets. A little more reading said they were on the Isle of Giants. I hadn't even heard of it before.

So I flew out to Zouchin Village. Hopped on my Water Strider and tooled out into the into the waters north of Kun-Lai. Pushed through the fatigue an onto a beach surrounded by Level 90 Elite Dinos. I was timid at first; but once I found a flight path on the neighboring beach, I was all in. I doubled up on three of the Zandalari pets, and got the fourth my second trip out the next day.

I don't mean to gush here. I know it's not "like" me. But this felt like the first "new" thing I've seen in the game in ages despite the fact that the island wasn't new it all. It sated that need to explore... temporarily.

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