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Comic for: November 21st, 2006
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Guest Strip: "Battle Experience"
Posted: Tuesday November 21st, 2006 by

Every time I request guest strips, Mads sends me something. I really appreciate that level of dedication to GU. Thanks Mads I appreciate it!

Here's the email he sent with his submission. Please note the link to his site at the bottom. He has some fantasic photography for you guys to check out.

Hi Woody,

Well you wanted at guest strip, so I figured...
What the comic represent is actually something I hear/see a lot. Very often someone say "I read how to do it on the net" or "I saw how to do this on TV" - so I figured why not learn from games... :D This is all from, first aid to playing guitar hero (a friend of mine was completely sure it wouldn't be hard to learn to play guitar after he played guitar hero) etc. I could see this situation with other games like flight simulator (uhh that would not be good) etc. but since I just played CoD (which feels extremely realistic) I choose to make it about war...

Note that I am not against learning on computers or alike, but there simply is something you can't learn from a screen...

Hope this explains the comic... and that you can use it..

- Mads Jespersen


Thanks again Mads.

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