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Comic for: October 6th, 2006
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City of Heroes/Villians: "Good vs, Evil Box"
Posted: Friday October 6th, 2006 by

As I said about children let me say here:
I have nothing against WalMart!

Xervai sent me a joke idea about the City of Heroes/Villians Good vs. Evil edition game box that NCSoft recently announced and I thought it deserved the GU treatment. Kudos and thanks Xervai!

Here's the email he sent about the idea:
Cryptic has just recently announced their "Good Versus Evil Edition" that is exclusively sold at Walmart and soon on their PlayNC.Com store. Immediately this sparked an idea as to why the box is good... And why it is evil.
Source: Play NC [ more info ]
I picture this as an interview of a villain and a hero asking why is it good and why is it evil. The interviewer asks "So why are you good?" and the response is "You can be a hero and save the day!" (something like that, this part doesn't really matter, it just has to reflect the good side) and then "Ok, now why are you evil?" and the response is "We are only sold at Walmart!" and the interviewer, "Wow, that is evil"

I got a good chuckle at it, hope you do too.


As you can see I made some slight changes. I'm sure Xervai will forgive me.

You can find more info about the Good vs. Evil Edition box here: http://www.cityofheroes.com/store/goodversusevil/

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