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Comic for: January 16th, 2006
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Gaming News: "Doom 4"
Posted: Monday January 16th, 2006 by

An article in the February issue of Computer Gaming World Magazine focusses on the religious symbolism, occult imagery in games, and the impact of violence in video games on christian tennants as they pertain to christain gamers.

Now, because that's a ridiculously volatile subject, I'll say up front...
I don't want any discussion of it in this thread
And, pardon the pun, I'll be the first to practice what I "preach" and not state my opinion on the matter at ALL.

I know, I know, given the nature of the comic, what does that leave us to talk about? Well, I propose we meet the needs of everyone involved and just put "God" back in games. Or... Jesus at the very least.

I mean, the bible is an incredibly violent, epic, and interesting book, whether you take it as literal history, a collection of moralistic tales with real world landmarks, a guidebook for how you should live your life, or a brilliant work of fiction. So, surely there is a wealth of gaming material to be found in there. Change the names and you can see those stories already IN games... uhh... to a certain extent. And, there are companies out there already releasing games with decidedly "biblical" content.


So what's the direction of the thread?
Pitch games with religious significance but would also appeal to the average gamer.

Note: Religious discussion will not be tolerated in this thread. If you want to do that, go elsewhere. And Religious Bashing, in any way, will result in an immediate suspension of your forum account.


To pitch my idea...
Jesus returns to earth and has to fight back the mionions of hell in id's next installment of their popular first person shooter series: "Doom 4 - the Second Coming".

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