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Comic for: January 4th, 2006
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EverQuest: "So soon?"
Posted: Wednesday January 4th, 2006 by

I received and email from the SOE PR department yesterday announcing expansion for both EverQuest and EverQuest II. Details were somewhat scarce and the websites for both expansions are pretty much just place holders right now. So, you'll have to dig through the press releases (linked below) and garner from them what information you can.
Source: Sony Online Entertainment [ EQ press release | EQII press release ]

Now, I admit that quite often my sense of time is a tad scewed, making long spans seem much shorter. But, despite knowing better, it seems to me like SOE releases a new $30 expansion every time I run downstairs to grab a diet coke.

With each expansion they deviate further from the game's initial design. That's not necessarily a bad thing. But it ends up making each expansion a requirement to keep up with the direction of the game. That is to say... if you miss this expansion it'll almost be like you are playing a different game than your friends are. This is based entirely on how we can expect "Spheres of Influence" to impact the game. **shrugs** And it is entirely my opinion. I have nothing but a gut feeling to back this belief up.

I honestly feel that the ever changing design of EQ is a problem though. There doesn't seem to be enough enphasis on the game world, content, or developing lore. It seems to be all about what new gadgets they can throw at us from a programming standpoint. Would you like to see the Combine Empire rise from the dirt? Or be able to break barrels?

**smashes a barrel**
Ooo... 1Up!


So yeah, I know that's not exactly a glowing writeup. But, it's not a license to wantonly bash SOE or EQ. If you want to do that... go elsewhere. But, if you want to discuss the direction of the game, the expansion, etc. Then please do so.

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