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Comic for: September 13th, 2005
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Gaming News: "Rating"
Posted: Tuesday September 13th, 2005 by

September 12th, the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) emailed all the major video game publishers to remind them that ALL content that is available in their games at release has to be submitted for consideration for rating purposes. That INCLUDES content available through ester eggs, cheats, and technically... HACKS.
- Blue's News [ more info ]

Now, this has ALWAYS been part of the ESRB's requirements. But, with "Hot Coffee" becoming such an annoyingly pervasive issue, the ESRB has demanded all publishers of games launched since September 1st, 2004 conduct internal audits and report any content that was not previously reported. The game companies have until January 9th, 2006 to inform the ESRB of undisclosed code/content/etc. If they fail to report something that someone later manages to unlock... "corrective actions" will be taken. Take that to mean a game recall for a rating change like GTA went through.

Now, don't take the comic wrong, I strongly support the goals and intentions of the ESRB. I absolutely believe in the rating system and, though many here may disagree with me, feel that games should be rated more strictly. My hope is that it will result in the ratings being more stringently enforced. At the same time though, the buyer should also be held accountable. It's a tad unfair, in my opinion, that the distributors and retailers have to shoulder ALL of the blame.


Alrighty, in an attempt to keep this thread nerf proof, I'd like to remind everyone to go read the Easy Ways again, #9 in particular. There's nothing wrong with having a different opinion, but it's not okay to respond in an inflamatory, argumentative, or confrontational way.

And, I'd like the thread to focus on the required audit NOT on the value/merit of the ESRB.

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