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Comic for: April 1st, 2005
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Splinter Cell: "Bribe?"
Posted: Friday April 1st, 2005 by

I went back to Rhino today hoping to pick up Lego Star Wars, but unfortunately they have been plagued by bad deliveries lately. So, it wasn't in.

At any rate, you can't really steal video games from Rhino. The empty cases are out on the shelves, the real games are in the case or in the back room. But, the guys at Rhino appreciated the comic none the less.

And Ted, well, since he was unable to "acquire" the game in yesterday's comic I figured I'd carry the story out.

And before you start questioning where the cord is for the controller, that's my Logitech PS2 cordless. It's incredibly sensitive, but I love it. I have one for the XBox too. It's much more comfortable in the hand than the regular XBox Controller. And, if you turn the vibration off, the batteries last a good long while.

In other news, while I was at Rhino today I found out that Rhino Corporate had found out about the comic from some of the local employees and they're really enjoying it. They appreciate the added exposure GU brings to the table. So they gave me some gift certificates, and are thinking of putting a link to GU up on their site. **shrugs and grins** I wouldn't mind in the least. Made me forget all about not having Lego Star Wars in. **grins**

Hopefully very good relationship will develop between GU and Rhino, and I'll be co-sponsoring events and such here at the local store. I'll keep you guys posted.

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