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Comic for: September 6th, 2004
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Dragon Empires: "Somehow Appropriate"
Posted: Monday September 6th, 2004 by

Erling sent me an email about Dragon Empires cancellation days ago, and since then 5 posts, 4 PMs, and 10 emails have unknowingly followed his lead.

So, Erling is responsible for the dragon fly suggestion in today's comic. I found it quite fitting and used it. Thanks Erling.

Now, there's already a bunch of info on the forums about this cancellation. So, I won't go into it too deep. But, I will say that I found it interesting that they released new lore just a few short hours before announcing the cancellation. Whoopsy!

In closing I'll say that the quality of the graphics, community, and lore behind this project was ample enough that it's cancellation came as a suprise to me. I honestly expected to see this one touch the shelved.

Shows you what I know.

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