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Comic for: August 25th, 2004
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Posted: Wednesday August 25th, 2004 by

When the Halo2 trailer hit movie theatres back in July, it ended with the blipped web address "ilovebees.com". Since that time the ilovebees website has been a odd jumble of cryptic messages, graphics, .wav files etc. all with a countdown timer careening toward yesterday (August 24th). Well, when the timer hit 0 the site informed all readers that it was now transmitting and then began feeding information on rendezvous points.

Now, I'd heard about ilovebees.com from a news post at Penny Arcade about a week again. And, even though though i'm not much of an FPS fan, I was intrigued by the site, the riddles, the presentation of cryptic information, and the subsequent offshoot sites that began interpretting the date. It was all very cool in a "approaching apocolypse kind of way. **grins**

All that aside though, I hadn't decided to do a comic about it until I read some info at Evil Avatar that basically boiled down to the fact that people were using GPS devices to go to the exact locations mentioned on the ilovebees website. These people found themselves in very close proximity to phones. One of the posters, using the time indicated by the website, answered the payphone when it rang and was asked a question that was related to the site. There was no immediate result. But, there was a result on the website.

Now, all of this is one large marketting ploy orchestrated by Bungie to hype the release of Halo2. But, I have to say honestly, I enjoy this ploy more than I'd probably enjoy the game itself.

Anywho, here's some links to pertinent info. Play around. Have fun.

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