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Comic for: December 8th, 2003
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EverQuest: "Welcome to LoE"
Posted: Monday December 8th, 2003 by

So yeah, if you read it like it SHOULD be read, there is NO WAY for you to tell them no, and you end up buying the game regardless.

The way I see it, that' pretty much falls in line with oh... say... switching the "yes" and "no" button on that stupid pop-up screen. It also kinda pushes that corporate whoring we're seeing to a new level.

Sure, why not have the in-game merchants pimping LoE? **rolls his eyes**

I played the game in beta and was unimpressed. There was nothing new or innovative about it. The graphics, due to my tastes, didn't stand up to judgement either.

And, now, because of SOE's "spam and scam" approach to marketing their mediocre, genre-wannabe, I refuse to buy it or play it again. The game is blacklisted. In other words, don't count on seeing any LoE strips here at GU any time soon.

It's really rather sad that SOE is responsible for EQ, EQ:OA, SWG, Planetside, and now LoE... and of those titles I refuse to draw strips for all but two, and there doesn't seem to be a point to doing Planetside jokes. The three people still playing that game don't really read GU, I don't think.

Anyway, I couldn't pass up yet another dig at LoE marketting in game. My drawing hand simply wouldn't allow it.

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