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My name is Woody Hearn. For the last 15 years Ive been writing, drawing, and coloring a single panel, nerd culture based webcomic called GU. Established July 10, 2000 and launched August 15, 2000, GU is published, free, three times a week on its own web site: http://gucomics.com

I've done plenty of reviews and paid writeups, even paid comics, in the past but only recently decided to immerse myself more fully in the product review arena. I tend to focus on those items that would appeal to my community: electronics, gadgets, toys, games, books, etc. But, if something makes sense I'm not afraid to present it to my readers.

I tend to be blunt but fair, and my writing style is intentionally conversational. I endeavor to thuroughly test every item that comes across my desk and disseminate what I learn about a product as accurately as possible, while still keeping things light and upbeat.

GU Reviews are based out of the GU Comics Forums (guforums.com), but reviewed items are often mentioned on Facebook, and Twitter. When possible, reviews are posted to Amazon as well. I've even worked products I really liked into the comics themselves. Right now I store product images on my associated Instagram account, and am looking into offering video reviews in the near future.

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Should you feel the need to get in touch with me about review opportunities or if you just have questions about my work, please don't hesitate to contact me at:

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Review Policy


If you have a product (or service) you think would be of interest to me or my readers, please use the email address above to contact me with your proposal. I prefer to conduct reviews in exchange for the products themselves. But, when applicable, I bill my services at $50/hr. In these cases we will agree on a price before you are invoiced. Invoices are paid in advance of the review. I currently opperate on a 35 day turn around from the time the product arrives at my door. This gives me time to actually spend with your product before submitting a review.

If you have specific distribution requests (facebook, twitter, amazon, instagram, etc.) or a deadline, please make them clear in your proposal email. I will do my absolute best to accomodate. Please also include a linkable address to the product (your website, amazon, trusted 3rd party distributor, all of the above), and any hashtags you would like to see employed in any resultant writeups.


Though I prefer to work in trade, to ensure as little bias as possible, I do occassionally accept paid product reviews if I deem them relevant to you, my readers. I disclose whether a review is paid or not in every review, just below its star rating. I will never compromise my integrity by letting payment sway me from an honest review. You can always expect me to be blunt, thurough, and honest in my assessments. If a product really speaks to me however, try not to be thrown off by enthusiasm; I'm still dedicated to being as straightforward as possible.

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