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Non-Fungible Teds ( Last Updated: February 06th, 2022 )
So wait... how does this scammy-ass bullshit work again?
Well, you select the NFTed you want to purchase. Then you pay for it in the completely non-existant BFB Cryptocurrency. I will give you a randomly generated string of alphanumeric characters, put your name on the image here on the NFTed page, send you the full size image (2400x2400 px), and that's that. You don't own the image. You don't have any real rights to its use beyond that of any other image on the internet. You just own the Token, that string of alphanumeric characters.

You can sell the Token if you like. But the transaction is not legitimate until the new owner pays a BFB 7.69 processing fee at which time your name will be removed from the image and theirs will be added. GUComics will maintain the only LEGITIMATE record of Token ownership. No forks here.
Still interested? F*#kin' really? Okay...
Email me at gucomics@gmail.com I guess.

NFTed 0001
PRICE: 192.31

NFTed 0002
"Sonic the Tedgehog"
PRICE: 115.38

NFTed 0003
PRICE: 76.92

NFTed 0004
"Tedward Scissorhands"
PRICE: 461.54

NFTed 0005
PRICE: 76.92

NFTed 0006
"Bored Ted Yacht Club"
PRICE: 1846153.85
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