Commission Status Page ( Last Updated: August 18th, 2013 )
Current commissions listed from the first person in the queue to the last. Time constrainst related to the size of a piece may mean that I need to address other pieces sooner despite their position on the list. Status information may not be 100% up to date.
August Batch
Client Commission Description Status Payment Last Updated
1. Glenna P. 4x Full Body, 16x20 300 dpi Info Collected Paid 8/25/12
2. Charles G. Half Body Finished 9/7/12
3. Ryan F. GU-ized Finished 9/7/12
4. Jacob H. Half Body Finished 9/7/12
5. Gref M. 5x GU-ized Finished 9/7/12
6. James C. Full Body plus Companion Info Collected Paid 8/30/12
7. Justin T. GU-ized Finished 9/7/12
8. Robert K. Halfbody + Layout Info Collected Paid 9/7/12
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GU Commissions
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