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"Roll it up!" - discuss
Comic Type: Dungeons & Dragons | Posted: Monday August 11th, 2014 by Woody - [ Size: 720x450 ]
We restarted the Friday night D&D campaign last week. And, most difficult baddie the group faced seemed to be a magical fire they were trying to douse in order to take advantage of the group's low-light vision. It's an evil campaign. So, they're all "monsters". They were crashing a human camp that had come in peace in an effort to secure parlay and hopefully save the region from devastation. Well, again, it's an evil campaign so the plan quickly became "let's burn their tents down while they sleep".

Unfortunately for the group the humans were smarter than that and had ditched their camp for the relative security of a nearby field. A series of amusing conversations between the humans conducted by your truly, one passed Bluff check a few rounds later, and the group convinced the humans they were there to talk. Once the group knew where they were though, they attempted to put out the camp fire the humans had set. Given the poor eyesight of humans, the superior eyesight of the group should give them a significant tactical edge.

Earlier in the evening I had specifically asked the group about the various wondrous items they have, especially the items that make camping and such easier. But that was pure coincidence. I'd decided on the fly that I needed the fire there so the humans could see. So, I made it a magic, illusory fire.

I know, I know. I'm a horrible person. But what would be the fun in just letting them mow down the humans while the humans quipped back and forth about the true definition of parlay.

I just wish I'd been that clever when one of the archers started to run and the party then had to chase him down for a good 100+ squares. /bad_DM_moment

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