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Comic Type: Space Battles: the Ancient Commonwealth | Posted: Tuesday July 31st, 2012 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
In EQ:OA you start with nothing but a guild tunic and a pretty crappy weapon, but it's good enough. Most of your first 5 levels of experiance comes from quests that you do, and you get new equipment from it. Money is mainly obtained by killing things, ripping out its eyes, claws, teeth, or getting a pelt from it... kinda like normal eq, except that the vast majority of the stuff has no concievable use, and is just there as loot to sell for the game's currency... "Tunar."

1 Tunar is worth roughly the equivalent of an EQ standard silver piece (or at least that's my opinion from the Marr's Fist server's economy). Items can be worn down, but not permanantly broken that I know of. There is also a level requirement on every single piece of armor in the game. Both of these together effectively kill twinking before it starts... the only way to really twink is to hand your other character a big pile of tunar, or some of the low level armor they can wear. They still have to spend some tunar to repair their gear if they want it to be effective, however. There seems to be no truely free ride in that game.

It is reletively easy to come by tunar by doing tradeskills and selling bronze armor to newbies, then spend part of that money on upgrading your skills to make better quality stuff... wash rinse repeat. In the game's early stages your equipment slots seem to be largely taken up by the tradeskill items... but then when you hit level 17 the quest stuff and droppable stuff become much more affordable... not to mention the stuff you can quest at level 17 is better than any money can buy you for that level or several levels afterward.

Basically, if you do not quest, and do not tradeskill, you will find your money purse constantly empty from repairing things and from buying 2 or 3 new pieces of equipment from auctions each level. Hey at least there's the auction feature so you don't have to wait around for items in the EC tunnel... Only bad thing is that Lore items are not auctionable. They are tradable, but the system would dance in it's grave if there was more than one lore item available at a time. /shrug

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