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"Dead Already " - discuss
Comic Type: Space Battles: the Ancient Commonwealth | Posted: Wednesday July 18th, 2012 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
I'd like to link you to the article where PioWere announced the introduction of HK-51 as a companion in Space Battles: the Ancient Commonwealth; but, it doesn't exist. Unfortunately, I also can't link you to the article about Bioware announcing the introduction of HK-51 as a companion in Star Wars: the Old Republic. I swore not to do any more SWtOR comics until Bioware/Lucas Arts rescinded and apologized for the whole "fan art derived from any intellectual property of LucasArts and/or Bioware is explicitly the property of LucasArts and/or Bioware" thing.

So, I kinda forgot that until just before the comic was finished. Unwilling to start over for a second day in a row, I decided to change things a bit and move on. Hope you can forgive my slip up. I'll do my best not to forget again.

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