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Comic Type: Prime World | Posted: Friday April 6th, 2012 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
hm. I got decidedly confused at the topic of this thread, lol. ;)

Ok, in AC there's one type of money -- pyreal. It's a metal that can conduct magic, so it's just what's used as money. Any store can sell or buy "Trade Notes" which are items that have a store value of like 90% what you paid for them.

The important thing about trade notes is that pyreal stacks in your inventory, but only so high. You can have 10,000 pyreal in 1 inventory space, and that's 10X what you used to be able to. So trade notes are very important. Earlier in AC's "life", Pyreal was also VERY heavy, and there is no bank -- so trade notes weren't just useful, they were IMPORTANT.

The player market, when I stepped away last, revolved around two items -- Sturdy Iron Keys, which are used to open up tresure chests that randomly spawn in med-high level zones, and Singularity Keys, which are the same thing, except the chests appear in higher level zones, and the keys drop from higher level mobs and require that you carve them with lockpicking utensils before they are changed from nodrop to tradeable.

Both SIKs and Sings are random, rare loot. SIKs drop from anything over a certain strenghth, Sings, IIRC, drop only from Virindi (uber mage mobs, very annoying).

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