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Comic Type: Mass Effect 3 | Posted: Friday March 23rd, 2012 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
I really think that EQ should have another currency. Cause if you think about it having 1000000pp is kinda overwhelming. Lets say you add Mithral (copied from LOTR DAOC and others) 10pp equals 1pm then 1000000pp or 1000kpp turns intop 100km or you could have 100pp = 1pm or whatever. Poeple in Eq are such mongers with 1000kpp plus. Heheh just my opinion. Most i have had is 8 and i spent that like a retard (alts and such). I got 1.5k now and thats the most ive had for half a year. If i wanted to i could farm but thats too boring. I could work on Baking but i hate the drudgery. I really dont get why they have mithral in DAOC but you cant use it? Although i think that the money system in Daoc is better than EQ.

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