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"Reported Post by Breandan" - discuss
Comic Type: Raptor Guts | Posted: Friday August 7th, 2009 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
Breandan has reported a post.

Reason:[quote]not sure what the hell this is all about, but the person basically just cut-n-pasted the rules and put a giant baby pic in their sig[/quote]
Post: A Very Special Forum
Forum: A Very Special Forum
Assigned Moderators: Captain Faboo, EvilPetRock, Monkey, TheBulb

Posted by: LoretteBowlus
Original Content: [quote]This forum is intended to house those posts that do not relate directly to GU, the Forums, or the Gaming Community. So, all random links, silliness, non-gaming-related jokes, etc should go here.

If you're not sure if a post should be here or in the Main GU Forums, then post it here and a moderator or myself will move threads as needed.

Now, please keep in mind that even though this is NOT the main GU Forums, the Rules still apply. So make sure you keep yourself in line and out of trouble, because banning is Forum wide.

Other than that, have fun.


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