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"Whew man. These chores are tough!" - discuss
Comic Type: Woody & Ted | Posted: Wednesday July 16th, 2008 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
I know the comic alludes to fact that I was out riding my motorcycle. But, I WAS actually doing chores. Motorcycle related chores; but, chores none the less.

We're moving at the beginning of next month. And I'll need to drive my motorcycle to the new place. There were some problems with that idea though. I didn't buy tags for the motorcycle because it was being stored until I had my license. I took my tests a couple of months ago but I hadn't actually gone in yet to get the Motocycle classification added to my license.

So this morning was spent sitting in the DMV waiting my turn to go up and hand over some cash. Then I ran across town to the Motor Vehicles building that handles tags to pay for registration, tax, tags, etc. Busy busy busy.

I did stay up last night with the intention of getting a comic done. But the only news that grabbed my attention was the Mythic billing debacle. [more info] And after reading all of the post from destressed gamers whose bank accounts had been overdrawn due numerous back to back subscription charges... I just could say anything about the situation that was equal parts funny, appropriate, and sympathetic. It's exactly the kind of foul-up Mythic didn't need right now. And I feel keenly for folks dealing with financial stress caused by this kind of billing error.

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